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Beginners Guide to Liquidation and Wholesale

New to the industry and do not know where to start. Drop your questions here. Our Industry experts are here to help you be successful.

Auctions, Bins and Pallets

Looking for an Auction House, Bin store or Pallet Seller near you? Tell us what your looking for and let us help you find it.

Buyer and Seller 411

Are you looking for people who have done business with a buyer or seller? Drop your questions and get other buyer and sellers experience.


Do you have questions about Freight or a POS system, how to track inventory, what selling platform to use, what drop shipper to use, what prep and pack to use. Do you need help with sorting and scanning. How to get into FBA. What ever your questions we are here to help.

The Rules

Join with The Rules chat room at Liquidation Map Chat. The Rules is public chat room. Everyone on Liquidation Map Chat will be able to join.

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